I'm really not that busy

Finding hilarity in the mundane since 2008

Who are you people?

Author: Jennifer Lake Seawright Collins. I’m irreverent, sarcastic, and silly. I parent full time, work part time, occasionally make time for my husband, and consider blogging and bathing time spent on myself. I relate better to kids than adults. I’m sure years of therapy could cure me of this, but I’m not interested in a cure.

Tony: My husband since 9/14/96. He’s ¬†indulgent of the blog, but he doesn’t exactly tell people about it. He is not big on housework and he likes to golf. He is often charmed, and just as often horrified, by me and the kids.

Jack: My oldest son, born in 2002. Profound thinker, goofy dancer, serious chatterer, future president of something.

Cooper: My youngest son, born 2007. Some people say the name Cooper means “barrel maker.” I think it’s actually an ancient Chinese name that means “bringer of cuteness and distruction.”

Tif: My sister-in-law and number one blog supporter. She is strong, smart, and the coolest girl I know.

The Grandparents:

  • Coco – Tony’s mom
  • Big Jim – Tony’s stepdad
  • Grandpa – Tony’s dad
  • Grandma – Tony’s stepmom
  • Didi – my mom
  • Dida – my stepdad
  • Big John – my dad

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