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I really don’t want to understand this

I took Cooper to McDonald’s for lunch today.  When I took off his shoes so he could play on the slide, he asked if he could take off his socks too.  I said no at first, but he became quite insistent (read: began working up a hysterical fit).  So I assessed the cleanliness of the floor: adequate for a fast food restaurant; the cleanliness of the play equipment: visibly clean; the cleanliness of the other children: not very, which was good because the parents of clean kids would have objected to my kid being barefoot.  With all the variables considered, I let him take off his socks.  Once barefoot, he cheerfully hopped out of his seat and pulled down his pants.

I think I yelled something like, “Gah, what the fu-udge sickles are you doing?  You have to keep your pants on!”

He replied, “But they get in my way when I play with the other kids.”


2 responses to “I really don’t want to understand this

  1. Sarea January 4, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    It is the natural progression to first loose ones shoes, then socks and then pants . . .don’t mess with that, it works! Oh, and I hope you aren’t getting tired of me commenting, because it is GREAT to be back reading this stuff!!

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