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Monthly Archives: December 2010

In which her absence becomes clear

So my life has been turned around, violently shaken and left for dead since I last wrote.

Too dramatic.

A not good thing happened a few months ago.

Too vague.

Okay, here’s the chizz (or shizz, or whatever it is the cool kids are saying these days)… Tony got laid off.

He is fine, I am fine, the kids are fine.  Everything is fine, fine, fine.

Until June.  When the insurance runs out.  Then I will be feeling un-fine.  Until then I choose to smile, nod, and feel…. fine.

Clearly, my life has changed a bit since I last wrote.  Let’s go over some of the changes.

  • Tony no longer travels four days a week.
  • We now have a car payment because his job included a car and we aren’t good sharers.
  • We have another cell phone to pay for.
  • Tony is home during the day.
  • My computer has become “our” computer.
  • And by “our” I mean his until I throw a temper tantrum or steal it when he goes pee.
  • Cooper started mother’s day out.
  • Cooper loves mother’s day out.
  • Cooper is still a complete brat.
  • Except at mother’s day out.
  • Jack is exactly the same.
  • Tony is mildly medicated.
  • I am more strongly medicated.
  • Tony is home all the damn time.
  • I have a part-time job.
  • We went through our budget and cut out all the stupid things we were doing to waste money.
  • We did this without arguing.
  • Really.  No arguing.  Where the hell is my Nobel Peace Prize?
  • Tony has lost over twenty pounds simply by eating smaller portions.
  • I am now eating his old portion sizes and expect to outgrow all my pants any day now.
  • Shut up, I can still zip them if I lie down.
  • Tony doesn’t go out of town anymore.
  • Ever.
  • Seriously.  He’s here when I get up, he’s here when I go to bed.  He never leaves.
  • We got rid of Dish network & AT&T and bundled our TV, inernet, & phone with Cox cable.
  • I love Cox.
  • I would shout that from a mountaintop, but am afraid people would misunderstand and make inappropriate suggestions to me.
  • I have clearly lost my train of thought….

Stay tuned.

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