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The baby shower

This afternoon I took the boys to a baby shower for Tony’s cousin, Lindsey.  On the way, I said, “The baby’s name is going to be Landry Elise, isn’t that pretty?” Jack replied, “That sounds a lot like Larry or laundry.”  I asked him not to share that opinion at the party.

When we arrived, Cooper began asking to see the baby.  So I took him to Lindsey, pointed to her tummy, and explained the baby was still in her mama.  He said, “Well get her out.”  I said, “Oh look, cupcakes!”  and led him away before he did something horrifying like lift up Lindsey’s shirt and poke her belly.  Throughout the party he incessantly asked if the baby had come out of her mama yet.  I repeatedly explained it would be a few more weeks before she was ready to come out of her mama’s tummy.

On the way home I asked the boys if they had fun.  Jack said he liked the food and playing on the stairs.  Cooper said, “Why did that girl eat her baby?”

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