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Flight of thought, Cooper style

Here’s a conversation Cooper and I had Friday morning.  We had just dropped Jack at school and Cooper said what he says at this time every morning, “Where me going?”

Me:  “Right now we’re just going to the dry cleaners and the bank.”

Cooper: “I no like giraffes.”

Me: “Okay, good thing the bank gives out suckers instead of zoo animals.”

Cooper: “I want Jack to wear his blue shirt.”

Me: “The one he wore last night?”

Cooper: “I no like those lime popsicles.  They’re too limey.”

Me: “I know you don’t like the lime ones.  We have plenty other popsicle flavors at home.”

Cooper: “I’m gonna be five.”

Me: “Huh? On your birthday? No, you’re going to be three.”

Cooper: “I’m going to be Super Bunny.”

Me: “Sure.” (This is where I realized I was only contributing the back and forth structure of the conversation.  What I said didn’t matter.)

Cooper: “I play hockey?”

Me: “Cows are orange.”

Cooper: “My Tifany goes to Whole Foods and mini-golf.”

Me: “I like pie.”

Cooper: “The kitty goes in my closet and no get away again.”

Me: “Veracity papers.”

Cooper: “I play sword fight?”

Me: “Inky fingers make twitchy partners.”

Cooper: “I get a blue sucker.”

Me: “Homogenized light bulbs grow in the front yard.”

Cooper: “NO!”

Me: “Oh, I thought we were still playing.”

Cooper: “Where’s my sucker?”

Me: *sigh*

2 responses to “Flight of thought, Cooper style

  1. Tifany March 8, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    I can’t wait to live there and be a part of all this banter! And my whole foods days are numbered now…I hope he’s not disappointed! Maybe the co-op will be an ok substitute.

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