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Library = Fail

I ended up taking Cooper to the library yesterday.  Not just any library though, the big, new, beautiful library in Fayetteville.  Cooper worked puzzles, played on the computer, sat with me and read books, and even attempted to sit through preschool story time.  He lasted through the warm up game and three pages of the first story before he looked up at me and said, “I done now.  Lets go back out.”

Then he saw a DVD with a whale on the cover and began to hug and kiss it.  Cooper likes whales. A lot.  We went to San Diego last summer and he still talks about “Shampoo Whale” (Shamu).

I told him we could borrow the whale movie and bring it back next week.  Of course I said it in that annoying, sweetly exaggerated,  sing-song mommy voice we all use when we want to be sure our toddlers understand what we are saying.  What up with that, mommies?  Do we think our childrens’ heads are going to spin off with rage if we speak normally to them?  What would have happened if I had said, “We can take the whale movie home, watch it 70 times between now and next Tuesday, then I will pry it from your fingers and drop it in the return box while you scream, got it?”  I think he would have replied, “Of course, Mother, that sounds like a fine plan.  Let us make haste so I can begin forming an unnatural attachment to this movie which is so old it is unavailable for purchase.  By the way, I plan to harbor deep emotional scars and resentment when you give back my Shampoo movie.”

Aaaaaaanyway, we proceeded to check out, but I got a “see librarian at desk” message when I swiped my card.  I know they like to update your info frequently, so I figured they wanted to confirm my address and stuff.  I handed my card to the librarian, she swiped it and said, “Has any of your contact information changed in the past year?”  I replied, “No.”  Then she said, “Do you want to pay the entire $30 today?”

Um, duh, huh?

Turns out I had a $30 fine.

I paid it and we headed home, Cooper happily hugging his shampoo movie the entire way.

I fixed his lunch, popped in the movie and four minutes later he said, “I no like this. Let’s watch Little Bear.”


2 responses to “Library = Fail

  1. digitalypunked March 3, 2010 at 9:32 am

    I love the normal way to communicate with kids, you should try it and let us know how it goes over and how much the therapy bill for the experiment is. 🙂

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