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I get knocked down like an oven mitt

You’re never gonna keep me down.

Only one person in my life has any clue what this means.  Inside jokes are rude, so I’ll share…

Do you remember the song Tubthumping by Chumbawamba?  


Where were you in 1997?  Clearly you weren’t “pissing the night away.”  Neither was I actually, but that was back when I listened to the radio in my car.  No ipods, no satellite radio, hell a CD player in your car was an expensive add-on.  Because we were slaves to some radio programmer’s insanity, this song was inescapable.  Sadly, for as much as I heard the song, I still could never get the words right.  “I get knocked down like an oven mitt”, was as close as I could get.

Back in those days, I worked in a doctor’s office with a beautiful girl named Sarea.  She was smart, funny, strong in her beliefs, but open to anything you wanted to discuss.  Including your inability to understand the words to a popular song no matter how many times you heard it. We both moved on to better jobs in 1998, had kids, lost touch.  My life was so busy that I didn’t feel the loss of her right away, but she began to wonder through my thoughts often over the last few years.  Then we found each other through facebook.

What a gift!  We had a few little exchanges through facebook and our blogs.  She has one too, cool, huh?  But, we had trouble coordinating a face-to-face reunion.  Finally, she managed to come to my Mom’s Night Out on Friday.  She was a bit late, so her appearance was like a gold star on an already A+ paper.  I immediately jumped up and gave her a huge hug.  I am not a hugger, even after a few margaritas, so she and the other girls knew her presence was a big deal to me.

Okay, that’s enough gushing about Sarea.  Let’s switch to Mom’s Night Out.

Nice transition, not.

  • I made a joke about MILF dwarfs.  Before I started drinking.  It went downhill from there.
  • Sarea and I shocked a table full of kids with our colorful language.  Don’t take your kids to a Mexican restaurant at 9 p.m. on a Friday night, morons.
  • Melonie did her Miss Arkansas walk for us every time she went to the restroom.  She was a big hit with the waiters.
  • Kim ignored about ten phone calls from her husband.  Hell yeah!  Hope you’re allowed to come back.
  • I sat entirely too far from Nan to have anything on her, but I’ll get her next time.
  • Hallie is pregnant and adorable.  Can’t wait ’til she can pump and dump and join the party.
  • Heather was funny and totally ran with the Dwarf joke.  I’m gonna love her, hope she comes back!
  • Dana, spent the night laughing at the rest of us.  I’ll get her next time too.
  • Jana ended up driving my car home because she was less drunk than me.  Less drunk is a relative term if I ever heard one.  

I came home, made A LOT of noise, threw up, got it in my hair, took a shower, and went to bed with wet hair.  No hangover though, cause I get knocked down like an oven mitt, but you’re never gonna keep me down.


4 responses to “I get knocked down like an oven mitt

  1. Tifany October 12, 2009 at 9:18 am

    Hmmph…what about me? I wanna come!

  2. Sarea October 11, 2009 at 11:06 am

    This is PRICELESS! Thanks for all the kind words! I am very blessed that our paths have crossed again. The “Mom’s Night Out” was the highlight of my month for sure, what a great group of women! Can’t wait for next month!!!

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