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Catching up

As you could probably guess from my last post, things have been a bit off in the Collins house.  Writing hasn’t been a priority for me.  It’s sort of settled down now and I am ready to dive back into the blog.

Now, just because I haven’t been writing, that doesn’t mean the general strangeness of life hasn’t been occurring.  So, in my usual catch-up fashion, I am giving you a lazy bullet point post of all the thoughts I want to share.  I wish I had been taking some notes over the last ten days.  I’ll do my best…

  • I completely stopped shaving my legs when Tony’s pain started.  He wasn’t interested in seeing them and it’s been cool enough for jeans, so what’s the point, right?  I finally shaved them last night because Jack called me man-legs.  For real.  He’s seven-years-old and called his mother MAN-LEGS.  I’m so proud.
  • I actually diagnosed Tony with shingles before he went to the doctor, and before he had the tell-tale blisters.  Too bad I’m so lazy squeamish, I would be a kick-ass diagnostician.
  • I have cleaned up twelve piles of poop since I last wrote.  Ten were of feline origin (nine located on top of the dryer, one under the bed).  Two were of human origin.  Cooper is proving difficult to potty train.
  • I took a picture of a pile of Cooper poop and emailed it to Tif.  She was at dinner with friends and showed it to them.  I am telling you this to demonstrate that I’m not the only freak in the family.
  • Jack scored his first (and possibly last) soccer goal.  He described it to me in great detail.  It sounded like a complete fluke.  I’m so proud.
  • Cooper has finally started saying please and thank you.
  • Jack lost a front upper tooth.  I thought he would look cute like this.  I was wrong.  He looks like trailer trash.  I want to dress him in nothing but knit polos and cardigans to counteract the hillbillyishness.
  • I made up a new word: hillbillyishness.
  • Cooper’s hair is so long it looks like he has the Dorothy Hamill cut.
  • I worked the book fair at Jack’s school and did a little subbing at his school.  I have decided I don’t like kids.
  • There is a weird phenomenon having to do with the earth’s electromagnetic fields where you can sometimes make a broom stand on it’s own.  It won’t work at my house, but it does work at Jack’s school.  I know it’s for real because I “accidentally” knocked one of the standing brooms down and stood it up again (Oh, like you wouldn’t have done the same thing). Check out these photos:

That’s all for now.  Thanks for sticking with me!

    2 responses to “Catching up

    1. Suze October 6, 2009 at 3:56 pm

      I want desperately to make my broom stand on end; I’m a little jealous.

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