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Apples don’t like worms

So Cooper broke my laptop.  I don’t have proof or anything, but my mama instinct is rarely wrong.  He yanks out the adapter cord and bangs on the keyboard anytime I leave it unattended.  I suspect most computers don’t enjoy that sort of treatment.

Saturday it wouldn’t charge unless I held my breath, closed one eye, and prayed to Steve Jobs.  Sunday, the battery was full, but it wouldn’t boot up.  Not normal Mac behavior.  Yesterday I was reading and busy with kids and actually enjoying a few days away from the screen (plus I still have the iPhone for emergency computing needs).  Today the DTs hit, so I went to the Mac store.

I dropped it off at the service desk with my official opinion, “This little worm yanks out the cord a lot and I think he made it mad.”  My grasp of technology is astounding, right?  Then I spent 20 minutes saying, “Don’t touch that” while dude tinkered with it.

Long story short, I was right, it’s all fixed now.  Here’s what you missed while it was down…

… not a damn thing!


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