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At the salon where I indulge in the occasional pedicure, there’s a sign that I find puzzling.  It’s a photo of a woman’s hands.  One hand has short, neat, bare nails and is holding nothing.  The other hand has dragon lady nails with airbrushed details and is holding a wad of cash.  Above the photo are the words “No…Yes!”

As I wait for my toes to dry, I stare at this sign and speculate.  Does it mean I have to pay a lot of cash for scary nails, but bare nails are free?  I sort of knew that already, hence the pedicure only policy. Maybe it means I will be entered in a drawing to win money if I allow them to pimp my nails.  Pimp, hmmm…. I’ve got it!  When I become a hooker I will make much more money if I spring for the fancy nails.  Good to know as the economy is in the crapper and I may need that extra dough.


2 responses to “No…Yes!

  1. Suze September 18, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    Clearly, they are implying that long, airbrushed nails are all the better to stab and rob people with. Jeez!

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