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Poo cat makes a statement

Poo cat dislikes my cleaning ladies.  Every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m., they walk in with a bucket of rags and call a cheerful, “Hola, bebe!” to Cooper.  Poo cat immediately goes all wild-eyed and jumps on the fridge. She wedges herself in the space between the top of the fridge & the cabinets and stays until they have been gone at least an hour.

Today, poo cat took her disfavor to another level.  Let’s call it the I’m ready to leave this earth now level. As the ladies were packing up their many, many rags, she hopped down from the fridge.  After years of hiding, I was proud that she was making this big step toward cleaning lady acceptance.  My pride quickly turned to horror as she sauntered up to the only expensive rug in our entire house and copped a squat.  I threw a pillow at her and yelled, “Bad cat!”  She ran away.

Phew, crisis averted.

After the ladies and their multitude of rags left, I surveyed the house.  Apparently, keeping track of hundreds of rags is tough, because there’s always one or two left somewhere.  As I approached my bedroom, I realized something was off.  Instead of a smelling freshly mopped floor, I smelled poo.

Come to discover, the crisis had not been averted.  It was relocated and amplified.  Poo cat had deposited three steamy piles of crap under my king-sized bed.

To clean-up these piles I had to use a flashlight and move the bed four different times.

Thin ice, kitty, thin ice.


2 responses to “Poo cat makes a statement

  1. Tifany September 3, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    Leave that kitty alone…it wasn’t her fault.

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