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Not the day

Today was going to be the day.  Not THE* day. But, the day, nonetheless. Today, I was going to clean out the front flower beds.  However, the universe had other plans for me.

First, I inflicted a steam burn on myself while making coffee.  I’ve been successfully boiling water for over 25 years without incident or injury.  Oh well, thought I, the gardening gloves probably won’t rub that too much.

Second, it got HOT.  When I went out for the paper at 6:15 it was 63 degrees. Wow, what a nice day for working outside.  By 7:30 it was 71 degrees.  Hmm, sure is warming up.

Third, my hedge trimmers went missing.  Strange, I saw them less than a week ago.

Fourth, hell, who am I kidding?  I was never really going to clean out that flower bed today.

*THE day is reserved for cleaning out the garage and is tentatively scheduled for late October.


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