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Yes, there are some stupid questions

Tonight Jack started Cub Scouts.  While Jack was off with his den, I was in an informational meeting for parents.  Meetings like this are one of the reasons I cannot imagine myself ever returning to “normal” employment.  Meetings bring out the stupid in people like nothing else can.

I tolerated the informative portion of the meeting with very little zoning out or whispering to my friend. There was some over-explaining of simple forms and some reading aloud of handouts (what’s the point of handing them out if you’re going to read it to me anyway?) Overall, I thought it was pretty painless, but then they began the “audience question” portion.

NO!  Don’t do that shit to me.  Just have the idiots corner you after the meeting so I can escape.  Questions after a meeting always fall into three categories. First are the questions that pertain only to the asker and should be saved for later.  Next are the questions that aren’t actually questions, they’re really just an opportunity for the asker to point out a mistake or show off some knowledge that we DON’T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT EAGLE SCOUT PARENTS WITH KIDS WHO ARE OLD ENOUGH TO DRIVE THEMSELVES TO SCOUTS AND YOUR KID IS A DORK BECAUSE YOU HOVER. Sorry was I yelling? Finally, are the stupid questions.  If you really believe there are no stupid questions, you are officially uninvited from reading this blog.

This evening’s stupid question went something like this, “When I first arrived, I noticed a large group of boys over here in the corner who were getting rowdy and even fighting a bit.  Is it normal for the kids to go unsupervised like that?”  By itself, not a terribly stupid question, but let’s add in some facts.

  • The boys were playing red light/green light which involves *gasp* running.
  • Red light/green light is a *double gasp* competitive game.
  • Boys WILL *triple gasp* knock each other over to win.
  • Pretty much ALL the parents were in the room watching this activity and no one felt the need to intervene for their child’s safety (including the question asker).

The scout master handled it brilliantly.  He replied that acceptable behavior in scouting is different from acceptable behavior at school.  He explained that appropriate “school behavior” has a more feminine slant, so they allow the boys to be much more rambunctious and physical at scouting than you would ever see at school.

He could have stopped here and I would have been satisfied with his reply.  It would have been polite to ignore her comment about unsupervised children, but it would have also been a bit wussy.  He totally called her out on it.  He said he didn’t feel that twelve boys in a room full of parents would be considered unsupervised.  He also added that she was welcome and even obligated to call bad behavior to his attention when it is happening or even step in with discipline herself.

I’m gonna like Cub Scouts.  Just don’t expect me to actually, you know, camp.

5 responses to “Yes, there are some stupid questions

  1. Tifany August 25, 2009 at 11:22 am

    So…about when did you start taking photos with your phone and sending them out?! Was that before or after the stupid questions?

    And did that guy with his legs crossed the whole time have any questions. I’m imagining that he’s the Eagle Scout guy who was trying to show off all his knowledge…am I right?!

    • Jennifer August 25, 2009 at 12:18 pm

      Hey, don’t rat me out to my other readers!

      Uh, about the time the guy was reading directly from the handouts.

      • Jennifer August 25, 2009 at 2:31 pm

        Oh, and legs crossed guy was not the Eagle Scout parent, but he will be in about ten years – GUARANTEE! He did take notes though. Notes. At a cub scout information meeting that came with pamphlets, a handbook, two people to contact via phone or email AND a web address. Copious notes.

  2. Tenessa August 25, 2009 at 6:01 am

    I love it. So was she asking this question just to hear herself speak?

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