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Elmo’s on a diet

In case you thought the OCD had worn off, I cleaned the fridge today. I mean, everything out, every surface wiped, scrubbed, or chiseled.

Having food all over the kitchen, must have inspired some imaginative play in Cooper. When I got everything put back together, I went hunting for him. He was in his room with a talking Elmo and all his pretend food. Elmo was babbling away and Cooper was putting food in his mouth. When he spotted me he said, “Elmo chew!”

I sat and watched. After a few minutes I noticed that Cooper was very deliberately dividing the food between Elmo and himself. He was getting all the fruit, sweets, chips, french fries, breads, and hot dogs. Elmo was getting lean meats and vegetables. Elmo’s gonna shed a few pounds.


2 responses to “Elmo’s on a diet

  1. johndavid1 August 21, 2009 at 9:05 am

    FINALLY got set up,,,,,,,,,,this is much better from my prospective, Am looking forward to the whole ensemble

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