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Back to school jitters

When I was a kid, I never slept the night before back-to-school.  I loved school!  The structured days, the friends, the routine, the teachers, the schedule, the learning, did I mention the structure?  I loved knowing exactly how each day would unfold.  I haven’t outgrown it.

Today is Jack’s first day of 1st grade.  Last night I tossed and turned.  I mentally planned my school mornings from wake-up to Cooper’s nap.  I planned my school afternoons from pick-up to bedtime.  It all felt so right and comfortable.  I finally hit a deep sleep around 3 a.m.

When the alarm went off at 6 a.m., I popped up and bounced to the bathroom.  Then I glanced at myself in the mirror….

Holy Crap!  Who let Tom Petty in my bathroom?

Shit.  That’s my reflection.  Looks like someone should have taken her Tylenol p.m.

Note to self:  Back to school is great and all, but kids don’t appreciate being walked to class by moms who looks like fifty miles of bad road.  Get some sleep tonight.

5 responses to “Back to school jitters

  1. Tif August 19, 2009 at 11:37 am

    So how did Jack (aka Huck) do on day one? And will you be as involved this year as you were last?

    • Jennifer August 19, 2009 at 12:00 pm

      He seemed fine. And hell no!

      But seriously…

      When we left, the entire class (27 kids as of right now) were all sitting quietly at their desks while Ms. Little checked stuff on a list. He looked a little bewildered by the lack of activity. I’m sure things picked up when she finished her list.

      Four kids in his class are from his class last year. All four are boys. All four are sweet and well-mannered. I am really happy about that.

      This year I am going to be the class mom again (unless some other mom REALLY wants to do it, but that’s not likely). I’m not holding a PTA board position, but I am a PTA member. I was too disorganized last year and it wasn’t fair to the people who were counting on me. I’m going to give them all the help they ask for, but I won’t be charge of anything big.

  2. Karin Katherine August 19, 2009 at 10:30 am

    “…by moms that look like 50 miles of bad road…”priceless. You have a way with words girl!

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