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This post sucks

I am trying to overcome writers block by just writing whatever I can and hope that it will jar something loose. This post sucks. Don’t read it.

I can’t think of anything to write. I decided to just start typing to see if something will turn up. Turnip. Rutabaga. Spinach. Okay, writing whatever pops into my head is stupid….

Wow, I really suck at this free form writing thing. All I can think to write about is how I have nothing to write about.
Worm is watching Little Bear on the TV in my bedroom. Normally it is the sort of thing I can tune out. However, on this episode there is a chicken “singing” and it is incredibly annoying. Now Worm is screaming, “I hold card!” I just renewed my car tags online, so my debit card is on the side table. Worm made a beeline for it, so I had to snatch it up before it ends up at the bottom of the toy box with the Cheez-it crumbs and sticky Happy Meal toys. The stupid chicken is still singing. Now it’s opera. I might need to take some Xanax to make it through this episode.
Mel and Huck are going through the house counting things.
Windows: They say 12, I say 11 because they counted the sliding glass door as a window and a door. Potato, Potahto
Exterior doors: 3
Interior doors including closets: 14
Drawers: 58
Cabinets: 34
Places to sit: 14 (We don’t entertain much)
Mirrors: 7
Framed photos: 12
Paintings/Pictures that aren’t photos: 19 (Some mom I am, more paintings than photos of the kids)
They’re still counting, but I’ve stopped listening to the outcome. Damn singing chicken. Please make it stop. So now I’m wondering how I can have so many cabinets and drawers and still have nowhere to put anything. I should stop this stupid free form thing and go clean out some crap. With that many drawers I should have a few empty ones!
Had to stop for a minute. Worm rode his trike into the bedroom and then fell off. I have a strict no toys in the bedroom policy, so as soon as the tears are dry he’s going to have to ride it back out.
I ended up taking the trike out myself, but I told him what I was doing and why. He’ll get there eventually. It’s a process.
Holy crap this is the most boring thing I have ever done.
Worm wants me to bite his feet now. Weirdo.
Okay, this was unproductive. We are going to lunch in a bit, maybe something blog-worthy will happen at McDonald’s.

One response to “This post sucks

  1. jo August 6, 2009 at 1:34 pm

    I'm still entertained…and your kids ARE weird!

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