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The shower gifts aren’t for me!

Crap, I have to tell you something about Worm too. Can’t the kids take a break from being cute and funny so I can just browse?

Anyway, Worm requested some “lice cheese” this afternoon (a slice of american cheese to those who don’t speak Wormainian), then headed straight to my bathroom. I stood behind the door and peeked at him. I thought watching him leave something in the shower might give me some insight into what’s going on in his freaky little head.
It was a total non-event. He just pulled open the door, put the bowl of cheese on the shower floor, reached over and grabbed a few bites out, shoved them in his mouth, shut the door, and walked out of the bathroom.
Then he walked past me and said, “Daddy shower.”
I guess the previous bowl of cheese and the dolly block were for Daddy.

One response to “The shower gifts aren’t for me!

  1. Jen July 6, 2009 at 9:24 pm

    In case any one reads the comments…

    Truck asked him about the cheese in the shower and he said "[Mel] shower"

    I guess the shower gifts are up for grabs.

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