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So I have hypertension

I just spent hours at the doctor’s office. Fun!

He took my blood pressure about 4,00 times. It was elevated every time. Such fun!
Then he sent the devil phlebotomist in to draw some blood.  Did I mention I was having fun!?
Anyway, I have hypertension.  I’m tense & hyper?  Did I need to go to the doctor to figure that out?  Maybe I did because I totally knew the tense thing, but hyper?  Really?  But I’m so lazy and unambitious? Hyper? Me?
But seriously, I have high blood pressure and I have to take some pills & go back in two weeks to check my BP & talk about the results of my blood work. 
He assured me that I was “unlikely to have a stroke”.  You notice he did not say, “You silly girl, you are much to young, and, may I respectfully add, beautiful to have a stroke.” He just said it was unlikely.  Hmm, not feeling reassured.
I’m going to go take my pill and do some yoga now.  I think hitting my system with Western & Eastern healing styles at the same time might confuse it into submission.

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