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So do Huck & I know each other or what?

This morning I was making coffee when Huck got out of bed.  My eyes were half-opened and I was feeling particularly droggy.  Droggy is Truck’s made up word.  It used to drive me nuts because I felt like he was just mispronouncing groggy.  But that hasn’t bugged me about him in at least a decade.  He’s had thirteen years to develop waaaayyyy more annoying habits. Seriously, dude, spit out chewed up fingernails in your own car all you want, but leave mine out of it.

Anyway, back to this morning.  I was not quite ready to function when Huck tiptoed in.  (He tiptoes in the mornings because I startle very easily and being startled makes me angry. Making mama angry prior to coffee is never a good way to start the day).  So he waited quietly until I noticed him (is he well trained or what?), and ever so gently, waved his twenty.  
I spotted him and said, “Hey, dude! Whatcha got there?”  He said, “The tooth fairy brought it. Is this a savings bond or real money?”  I confirmed it was, in fact, real money.  He did a happy jig.  Then he said, “Can I get a new game with this?”  I told him that $20 isn’t quite enough for a Wii game.  He thought for a minute and then said, “That’s okay, you’ll make up the difference for me.”

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