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So I’m going to create a facebook quiz

Taking facebook quizzes is a favorite pastime for me.  It is absurdly self-absorbed and a monumental waste of time.  I love it.  I like seeing the outcome of my friend’s quizzes too.  I know it’s a silly way to connect with people, but this is virtual friendship, not really the stuff of soul-baring intimacy.
I love that facebook thinks Shlitz is my favorite beer or that Emmet Cullen is the vampire of my dreams. I was a bit confused by Will Smith as my celebrity boyfriend cause the Fresh Prince ain’t my idea of a hottie (Dear Facebook, how come all my friends got yummy Collin Farrell and I got a guy who is one step up from Urkel?)
So today I took a personality quiz.  After seven questions, Facebook determined I am cold.
So I read the description Facebook published of me for all my virtual friends to see…
Cold: Subconciously or intentionally, your cold towards others.  No matter how “cool” this seems, it’s not nice.  Though you might gain popularity for your indifference, sometimes its better to open your eyes, and see how your actions are affecting others.
I felt better after reading this grammatical train wreck, clearly a fucktard created this quiz, so it cannot possibly be correct.
I am going to make up my own facebook quiz.  I’ll mull it over today and get back to you.

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