I'm really not that busy

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So I have 20 stolen minutes!!!!!

Some family is in town and we have to put in an appearance tonight.  Luckily the gathering is at Banana’s house and she lives around the corner from me.

Anyway, Coco just dropped in on her way over and took my boys with her.  I have brownies in the oven, so I can’t head over just yet.  
I could do some quickie chore like fold that mountain of laundry on the kitchen table.  I could take care of some personal task like file my raggedy finger nails.  I could read a chapter out of one of the many books I am reading.  Hell, I could just sit for ten minutes and not listen to three TVs, all on different cartoons, blaring at me from every corner of the house.
However, I feel terrible for the two week blog abandonment, so I am going to create a post out of nothing to make sure I fulfill my early promise to see you soon.
I am listening to some Vampire Weekend while I do it, so I am doing something I don’t normally do when the kids are around.  They don’t like the jangly guitar as much as I do.
Crap, I can’t hear the oven timer from the bedroom and I can smell brownies….
… yup, overdone.
The rule on brownies is to take them out of the oven the second you smell them.
Guess they will stay here and we can eat the middle section ourselves and toss the overdone edges!  So sad. 
Okay, my stolen moment is over.  That was so NOT twenty minutes.  See ya soon, but probably not again today.

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