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So google thinks Truck needs stuff too

Here is Truck’s “needs” list.  I used his real name when I did the google search…

1. Truck needs his boo-boos kissed.  Truck is currently in Orlando.  If he has any boo-boos he can damn well wait until he gets home to have them kissed.  Just because I am thinking of joining a singles website, does not mean he gets a free pass while in Florida.
2. Truck needs an avatar.  I made him a Mii on the Wii and it looks just like him, can that just count.  He’s not much of a gamer so I am not certain what he will do with an avatar.
3. Truck needs to relax.  Hey, keep your hands off my husband’s boo-boos, he does NOT need to be that relaxed!
4. Truck needs a band.  Clearly google does not know Truck.  He sounds good when singing along to the radio, but that is pretty much where his musical talents end.
5. Truck needs a helping hand.  Okay, google is aware of his lack of musical talent.
6. Truck needs me to entertain the crowd.  Is this the crowd that has gathered to hear his band?  How is google planning to entertain the crowd?  I guess they can yell out their names and it can tell them what they need.
7. Truck needs to come back to Arizona and try a Sonoran Hot Dog.  Google must have met Truck before.  This hot dog might as well be renamed “The Truck”.  Seriously, I am getting these ingredients and making this for him to soothe his ruffled feathers over the whole singles website thing. 
8. Truck needs a date.  Look, just because I have my Jason (and am still trying to get Brad back) does not mean he needs to find someone too.
9. Truck needs a drummer.  Oh, his band must be Spinal Tap.
10. Truck needs help from a Tory.  Clearly google is on crack.  Truck is a die-hard Whig and wouldn’t allow a Tory to piss on him if he were on fire.

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