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So we were right on time today

The first picture is the mom mobile’s clock as we pulled into Wal-Mart this morning.  The second photo requires no explanation!

There was actually someone in line in front of me at the prepared foods counter, but the deli lady saw us coming and started scooping up Worm’s chicken while the other customer was still deciding.
Really?  Who deliberates between fried bits of chicken, corn dogs or pizza at 8:30 a.m? If you are in the market for those types of food that early in the day, chances are you have a monster craving and know exactly what you want.  For me it would be the corn dog without hesitation, with lots of mustard.
In my head I was yelling “Give it up and get the corn dog lady, you know you want it.”  Clearly my psychic abilities are gaining power because I saw her a few aisles later with a corn dog.  She might possibly have been my long lost twin because I am the only other person I know who would eat a corn dog that early in the day.
Of course, she also had a soda and I am now a holier-than-thou non-soda drinker.  Yes, I do think I am better than you because I don’t drink soda.  In fact, next time we eat out together, I will be sneering at you in my head for your unhealthy beverage choice.  
Of course, you will be eating grilled chicken and a salad and I will be eating… a corn dog.

2 responses to “So we were right on time today

  1. Jen March 2, 2009 at 2:08 pm

    I gave up the soda a few months ago. I am just now announcing it in case it didn’t stick. I didn’t want to be accountable to my readers! Turns out it was easy and I don’t miss it. I feel kind of smug about it.

    Truck has definitely NOT given up the DC. There will always be ample amounts in the house. Even if he did, I would still stock it when you come to visit.

  2. jo March 2, 2009 at 1:20 pm

    Ok…when did you give up soda? And I don’t care that you don’t drink it as long as you keep bottle upon bottle in your pantry so I can have lots when I visit. Did Truck give it up too? I’d rather die than give up my DC!

    Oh, yeah…and Worm looks especially cute in his little sweater!

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