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So it turns out you already knew

I keep rolling the Ministry of Mediocrity thing around in my head.  I discussed it here and here in case you need a refresher.  I really thought I would do an occasionally recurring post where I revealed a mediocre thing about myself in order to help you, my never mediocre readers, feel great about yourselves.  So far that hasn’t happened.

Turns out I’ve been scared.  I am afraid that if I start revealing my mediocrity, it will morph into revealing my meshugenah (By the way, that’s Yiddish for crazy. I had to go with meshugenah for the alliteration factor).  I am worried that I will think I am sharing simple silly things when I am actually revealing crazy things that will cause those of you who love me and my kids to call the authorities.  I’m serious.
But, then I reread some posts to get some perspective.  Turns out you already know how crazy I am.  I don’t really hold much back.  I have shared the meshugenah in large doses and so far I am not under observation at the county hospital and my kids are not in foster care. 
I am feeling particularly crazy tonight, but I can’t seem to get a post out of it.  We had an ice storm Tuesday and Wednesday.  Our electricity has been hit or miss and I have not had a waking minute away from my kids since the 20th.  Today I gave Truck a hug and told him the kids were driving me crazy.  He said “its not a far trip”.
So stick with me, I know it has not been a good blog week for me.  You were looking for the meshugenah and all I had was mediocre. 

One response to “So it turns out you already knew

  1. jo January 31, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    I love me some crazy…bring it on!

    Girl, I had a wild night last night…lots of beer and shots and dancing! Not my normal thing, but it’s vacation and we earned it after a hard week of working out! Good times for sure! Just waiting on mom to get here now. Wish you were stowed away in her suitcase!!!

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