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So I’m not having a stroke

Today Worm and I went to visit Coco at work.  As most of you know, taking Worm anywhere requires lots of stuff.  So I have a diaper bag full of snacks, drinks, toys, clothes, and of course diapers.  I shove my cute little purse into the giant ugly bag, hoist Worm on my hip, and in we go. As soon as I open the doors and enter the lobby I hear this song.

I think to myself, WTF?  Violent Femmes? I LOVE this song.  Then I think, when did they install a sound system in the lobby.  THEN I think, why would one of the most respected and buttoned-up law firms in Northwest Arkansas be playing this song in the lobby?
Oh God!  I’m having auditory hallucinations.  My blood pressure has been elevated since the end of my pregnancy.  I eat too much sodium.  This is a TIA.  This is a stroke.
So I shift Cooper in my arms to get a better grip in case I am about to slump over and the song changes to this
Then it hits me.  I have my iPhone on my hip.  Cooper is sitting on my hip.  My phone has been bumped and is shuffling through my playlist.
Thank God!  I am not having a stroke.
Oh crap!  People are in the lobby waiting to see their respected & buttoned-up attorneys and they are now staring at me.  They did not look like fans of punk.  Too bad for them.  

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