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So I was dying to hear what Huck had to say about his sub

When I picked Huck up from school today I immediately asked,”How was your sub today?”  He said, “I think he was stressed out.”

I had to work so hard to hold my laughter in that I think I killed a few brain cells.
So I said “Really? What makes you think he was stressed?” Huck says, “Well a couple of times he went HEY!! in a really annoyed voice.”
He also explained that Mr. Sweaty told them they were going to “mix things up a little today”. “They were REALLY mixed up”, said Huck.  He also reported that the only time Mr. Sweaty wasn’t stressed was at recess.  So I asked if that was because he had fun playing with them at recess.  Huck said, “No, I just didn’t see him that much at recess.”  
That time I did blurt out a laugh before I got myself back under control.
I know I shouldn’t take this much pleasure in what was obviously a very tough day for someone else, but I am.  It didn’t hurt Huck to have an unproductive day.  And I suspect it was quite a learning experience for Mr. Sweaty. I am guiltlessly going to enjoy the mental picture of Mr. Sweaty cowering behind a tree while 19 kindergardeners run around the playground.  I hope he is back tomorrow!

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